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Dr Abhijit Ghokhale - Best Urological Surgeon In Pune

Dr. Abhijit Gokhale, is a senior best Urological Surgeon in Pune with almost 20 yrs experience in Urology. He is also best Andrologist in Pune with his clinic situated on Ghole Road Pune. He provides treatment for prostate enlargement, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, kidney stone, bladder stone, pediatric urology, female urology problems. As a Andrologist in Pune he provides treatment for male infertility problems.

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Kidney stone or urinary tract stone is one of the big problems nowadays. Kidney stones are made of minerals in the pee that develop crystals. Once in a while, the crystals develop into stones. Its symptoms include pain in the kidney, urine in blood, etc. Treatment available for kidney stones is ESWL (Extracorporeal stun wave lithotripsy), Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy, laser kidney stone removal, etc. Water intake is the most preferred way to avoid kidney stone formation.

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pediatric urology

Pediatric Urological Treatment

Pediatric Urologists are specialists who can analyze, treat, and deal with kids’ urinary and genital issues.

Urological Surgeon in Pune

Urological Cancer Treatment

Urologic cancer influences the organs and structures of the male and female urinary framework and the male regenerative system.

Urological Surgeon in Pune


Urinary tract stones start to form in a kidney and may expand in a ureter or the bladder.

Female Urology system

Female Urology

Female urology is a subspecialty of urology that spotlights on the analysis and treatment of urological conditions that regularly influence women.

Treatment For Prostate Enlargement

Treatment For Prostate Enlargement

The prostate is a gland that delivers the liquid that conveys sperm during discharge.The prostate gland encompasses the urethra, the tube through which pee drops of the body.

Andrologist in Pune

Reconstructive Urology

Reconstructive urology is a medical procedure to reestablish normal function by fixing, rerouting, or reproducing areas of the upper and lower urinary tract.

Urinary Stone Treatment In Pune

Urinary stone treatment in Pune

Kidney Stone Treatment in Pune

Kidney Stone Treatment In Pune

Prostate Treatment in Pune

Prostate Treatment in Pune

Andrologist in Pune

Prostate Cancer in Men